Nevin urges action over Doughiska school

The temporary location of a primary school at Doughiska, and the appointment of its principal, is of major concern, according to Galway city East FG candidate Barra Nevin who is calling for action to be taken.

Mr Nevin has expressed concern over the delay in the Minister for Education, Batt O’Keeffe, announcing the appointment of a principal for the school and designating a temporary location for it.

He says, “Parents are spending the guts of two hours every day bringing their children to and from schools. Some parents have to bring their children to more than one school as schools on the east side of the city are bursting at the seams and are full”.

“Over 1,000 children in the Doughiska area are primary school pupils and as a result, there are traffic jams each end of the Doughiska Road which is significantly contributing to traffic congestion east side of the city”.

“The establishment of a school for the area would act as a hub for the community and a means of socially including the diverse community in the area,” he said.

Mr Nevin expressed urgency on this issue “as planning permission has to be got for the location of the temporary school and if the Minister does not make an announcement soon, the school opening will be delayed for another year”.



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