Former mayor Martin Quinn quits politics

The former Fianna Fáil mayor of Galway Martin Quinn has announced that he will not be standing as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming Local Elections and that he is quitting politics.

Mr Quinn was a prominent Fianna Fáil activist for 30 years. He was elected to the Galway City Council for the old West Ward in 1999 and served as mayor in 2000-2001. He lost his seat in 2004, but reamined active within the party.

He was interested in standing for June’s Local Elections and was called up for interview by the FF HQ panel. However he was not selected as the running mate for John Connolly in Galway City West, with Ollie Crowe getting the nod instead.

Mr Quinn was bitterly disappointed not to be selected and there was speculation that he might stand as an Independent. However he has decided to retire from politics instead.

“Following discussions with my family and close friends I have decided to retire from ‘active politics’ with immediate effect,” he said. “I will, however, continue to take an interest in matters political and I am now looking forward to pursuing other interests and spending quality time with my family, community, and friends as well as remaining with the day job.”

Speaking of his time in Fianna Fáil he said: “My 30 odd years of being involved holds many great memories and I have been blessed with many enduring friendships for which I am extremely grateful.”

Looking at this in terms of the local election, both Mr Connolly and Mr Crowe must be privately relieved that Mr Quinn did not enter the race as an Independent. Mr Connolly because he needs votes around Dangan/ Bushypark, and Mr Crowe because he needs votes around College Road and Bohermore - all are areas in which Mr Quinn could have expected to poll well.



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