The Cuban Brothers - break-dancing in skimpy swimming trunks

"Is so hot in here, I have to take off my pantelone!”

The Cuban Brothers.

The Cuban Brothers.

BORN INTO the Havana of the 1970s, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes, and inspired by Cuban mythology, The Cuban Brothers are entertainment personified with their high energy shows combining music, riotous comedy, and sensational dancing.

When the quartet perform at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival next month expect to see some of the most jaw-dropping break-dancing ever. Expect Miquel to declare "Is so hot in here, I have to take off my pantelone!” Expect shiny silver thongs. Expect the unexpected!

The Cuban Brothers have performed at Manumission in Ibiza and Glastonbury, as well as private parties for Elton John, Robbie Williams, and Richard Branson - in each case usually wearing nothing but a pair of 1970s swimming trunks and knee high socks. The leader, Miguel, has been known to strip completely - and then stage-dive. Whether it is the unusual combination of laughing violently while dancing, the joyously cheesy tunes, or just their energy and huge smiles, there is always something euphoric in the air.

Also on the bill are OMG It’s The Church, a raucous interactive party experience and parody of a Deep South Pentecostal church, playing soul, blues, and disco. This is a religious service like no other - think Sister Act on amphetamines!

The show takes place in the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, Eyre Square, on Thursday October 25 at 9pm. The MC will be Damian Clark. For tickets see



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