AIT buoyed by increased demand for places

AIT has this year seen an 8 per cent increase in points requirements overall for its courses compared to 2016.

More significantly, overall points on AIT’s Level 7 degree programmes are up 10 per cent from last year, showing the level of demand for its programmes.

Although the picture is not complete until after round 3 offers are made and vacant places are filled, the institute is trending upwards and is very happy with the overall positive growth.

The points increase has highlighted the institute’s strong reputation in STEM-related courses through its faculty of science and health and faculty of engineering and informatics. The region’s strong growth sectors with continued increase in foreign direct investment within the BioPharma and MedTech sectors has led to the creation of a strong flow of students to fill the demand for suitable graduates.

Changes to both the points and the Leaving Cert grading system have contributed to fluctuations in requirements for the majority of courses nationwide. While the points are down for more than half of courses across Higher Education Institutions nationally, in the case of around 40 per cent they have risen and the same is reflected in AIT.

Vice president of academic affairs and registrar of AIT, Dr Niall Seery, said: “AIT’s points increase is in line with economic recovery and reflects AIT’s commitment to excellence in the STEM disciplines which echoes current industry demand. The growth in demand for places in third level is mirrored by areas of the economy that has been on the rise over the past year.”

Nursing points have dropped marginally in order to make more places available to potential incoming students and to cater for demand.

Some areas of engineering, such as quantity surveying, are not showing the demand that might be expected given the skills shortage in the sector at the moment. Software and computer engineering have also seen a marginal decline, which might give industry groups cause for concern after they highlighted the need for more skilled graduates.

Dr Seery also commented that Leaving Certificate students without an offer who meet the minimum entry requirements should review the AIT programmes on the “Vacant Places” section on the CAO website.

Second round offers will issue on August 31.



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