New year resolutions made easy with Russell Hobbs

Nutri Boost

Nutri Boost

The new year is a great time to upgrade the appliances in your kitchen that are outdated and need replacing. Nowadays we are all trying to stay fit and healthy, we all know real health starts in the kitchen.

Russell Hobbs have created appliances to make keeping those resolutions easier. Here are our top picks for staying healthy in 2017:

Russell Hobbs Purifry Multicook (€179.99 ): Cook delicious food without extra fat and calories. With rapid hot air circulation system and halogen heater, it can be heated up to 220ºC.

Russell Hobbs Nutriboost (€69.99 ): Enjoy more fresh food in your diet without lots of fuss and hassle. The Nutriboost won't waste a single nutrient or morsel of goodness because all the delicious taste and vitamins from the fruit and vegetables end up in your drink.

Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Ultimate Juicer (€149.99 ): You can press without mess and have fun trying out a range of recipes and flavours. Make juices, smoothies, sorbets, sauces, and even soups. This juicer has a unique combination of attachments that you won't find in a single appliance anywhere else.

Russell Hobbs Mix and Go Cool (€39.99 ): For the person on the go the Mix and Go Cool is a blender with two portable drinking cups with lids, and two cool units all in one appliance. Mix up a delicious, nutritional smoothie in one of its 600ml containers, blend, and then just take the portable bottle with you. It has an integral 'Cool Tube' that sit inside the cup to keep your drink icy cold so even if you don't drink it straight away it will stay cool and fresh.

Russell Hobbs products are available from independent electrical retailers.



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