Blood type diet

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to lose weight on a particular diet and others are not? Why some people are plagued by poor health or deterioration due to ageing, while others seem to live healthy, vital lives?

A single drop of your blood contains a biochemical make-up as unique as your finger print. Your blood type is a key to the countless ways you are a biochemical individual.

Food supplements contain proteins called lectins that interact differently with your cells (we are made up of cells ) depending on your blood type. What is healthy for the cells of one blood type may be harmful to the cells of another.

How does your body know which foods are right for you? Why does your blood type matter?

So far, research has uncovered over 1,000 foods known to contain protein molecules called lectins.

Our digestive tract is lined with cells that express our blood type. When we eat food containing lectins that are incompatible with our blood type, these lectins interact and bind, interfering with digestion, metabolism, and the immune system. Because 40 per cent of our immune system is expressed in our digestive tract, these interactions can have profound effects throughout the body. For example ageing, weight gain, allergies, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, fatigue, and menopause.

A second generation naturopathic Doctor, Dr D’Adamo has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 20 years. Best known for his research on human blood groups and nutrition, Dr D’Adamo is also a respected research and formulator in the field of natural products.


Many popular natural ingredients, touted as energising, can activate one person, while the identical ingredient can leave another feeling lethargic and drained. How do you know which ingredients work best for you? Knowing your blood type can be the key.

Mental focus and clarity

Some popular ‘brain and mind’ herbs and nutrients actually make some blood types feel ‘brain fogged’ or mentally unfocused! Are all of your herbs and vitamins right for you?

Stress reduction

Dr Peter D’Adamo, pioneering blood type research, reveals that the different blood types respond to stressors in different ways. Blood type- individualized nutrients can help you better handle the effects of stress.

Weight loss

Paradoxically, many common weight loss products contain common ingredients that may cause you to gain weight. Discover which of these ingredients work for you by discovering your blood type.

What do I have to do to get the results, then?

A skin or body, or both, consultation will be performed on you - approximately 50 questions to get an in-depth knowledge of what’s going on with you on a daily basis. This also reveals any mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

When I am fixing a skin or body condition at the clinic, I would always like my clients to take the consultation and information seriously. Why? Because when they do, we can get serious results and at the end of the day that’s what you’re paying for and looking for, right?

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