Say no to waxing and shaving

Now is the perfect time to start your course of laser hair removal, when skin is at its palest. Now is also the time when laser hair removal experts Therapie Clinic are offering 70 per cent off (for the month of January ).

Imagine never having to wax or shave again... Imagine never being caught unaware with stubbly legs or underarms. It’s happened to the best of them including the beautiful Julia Roberts who was memorably photographed on the red carpet with less than groomed underarms! This is the reality of laser hair removal: silky, smooth skin every day.

Therapie Clinic uses the most advanced technology available, using only medical grade laser which delivers superior results and requires fewer treatments. A course of six treatments is recommended but you will notice a substantial difference after just a couple of treatments.

The January special offer at Therapie Clinic is 70 per cent off all laser hair removal. Why not book a free consultation to find out if you are suitable? Call Therapie Clinic on 1890 650 750 or visit



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