A charming and witty story of a childhood in Palestine

Athlone Film Club continues its unmissable new season on a comedic but poignant route on Tuesday January 25 at 8pm in the Dean Crowe Theatre with Elia Suleiman’s The Time That Remains.

In this film Suleiman reflects on his own childhood experiences in Palestine in a funny, sad, charming, and witty way.

It tells the story of Suleiman’s own family in Nazareth, and his father, Faud Suleiman.

In the late 40s, as Arab resistance to the Israeli army peters out, Fuad is a metal worker whose lathe has been used for making guns for the rebels. Fuad is brutally arrested, bound, and blindfolded with other prisoners on a hillside, subjected to mock execution, but finally freed and in later years, as father to the teenage Elia, he is a sadly withdrawn grey-haired figure, no longer a revolutionary.

In the present day, middle-aged Elia, playing himself as a rather flamboyantly dressed figure in a scarf and elegant black suit, though entirely silent, returns to the Nazareth of his boyhood, to care for his elderly widowed mother, played by Samar Qudha Tanus.

The movie is told in a series of comic scenes, superbly controlled and composed in the manner of Tati and Keaton.

It is brilliantly shot and composed and the audience will be engaged and transported to a childhood in Nazareth through Elia’s eyes.

Members can come along early to socialise and have a glass of wine at 7.30pm in the theatre bar.

For more details on membership and the season’s films contact the club at [email protected] or log on to www.athlonefilmclub.com



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