Would you cut your hair to help a child who needs a wig?

It’s estimated that 864 children from 2-14 years old in Ireland are affected each year by alopecia areata – a condition in which bald spots appear on the scalp, sometimes referred to as spot baldness. In 1 - 2 per cent of these cases, the condition spreads to the entire scalp – alopecia totalis. The child suffering from this condition often doesn’t understand the cause as an adult does and tends to think that there’s just something wrong with them and this causes unnecessary stress in the child’s life.

A new charity to help these children is currently being set up in Ireland. Committee member Maeve O’Healy-Harte of MOHH Salon is making an appeal to anyone of any age to grow their hair to a length of 12-14 inches and then have it cut off or if they already have long hair then donate the hair now. It takes five to 25 ponytails to make one wig and there is always a waiting list for children’s wigs. The ponytails are sent to New Zealand where they are made into wigs for children before being returned to Ireland to help the children who need them most.

For those who register to have their long hair cut the MOHH salon team will cut their hair into a new style free of charge and give them guidance on keeping their new style looking its best at home.

Maeve is looking for a reader to join other volunteers and have their ponytails cut off on TV3’s Xpose on November 15 for the charity. Tthere’s no age limit for this event.

For more information call (090 ) 6476166.



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