Naughten presses Taoiseach on need for action on head shops

Local TD Denis Naughten has again questioned the Taoiseach on the Government’s inaction in addressing the serious safety concerns surrounding the operation of head shops.

Speaking in the Dáil on Wednesday, Deputy Naughten pointed out that there has been a further death of a young girl in the UK following the consumption of toxic chemicals sold in head shops.

He requested that the Taoiseach take immediate steps to regulate the operation of head shops as well as to ban many of the dangerous chemicals they are selling.

While the Government is stating it cannot do anything for the next three months, Denis Naughten has argued that immediate steps can be taken within the current law, if the political will is there.

In response the Taoiseach said “I do not have to hand that information”.

Deputy Naughten intends to raise this matter with the Taoiseach again next week, seeking a full response to the issues raised.



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