On target with debut EP

Local band Arrow in the Sky have just released their debut EP, Do What Thou Wilt, and are taking it to the stage in their native Mullingar this Thursday June 11.

Arrow in the Sky shot forth from the ashes of popular local rock outfit Till the Morning Comes. TTMC parted ways during the summer of 2008, leaving its members disillusioned with the music-making business. Many of the members were to be found floating to and fro on the musical waves of cover bands and alt-rock projects.

At some point in early September, Shayne (founding member of TTMC ) and Conor (off and on bass player ) sat down with a couple of acoustic guitars and some Neil Young standards for a bit of a Jim jam. Within an hour or so they had mysteriously moved on to a new composition by Shayne, still in its early stages, entitled ‘When I Awake’. A microphone was set up and they recorded the first of many demos for a new group as yet untitled.

Neither of these two stalwart musicians foresaw what was to come. That within mere days, fellow TTMC axe slinger, Brian, would be joining them on their new musical adventure. A week or so later, with only two songs under their belt and a few Neil Young covers to fall back on, they took to the stage for their first gig. And so Arrow in the Sky was born.

Since those hectic early days, the trio have been busy writing, rehearsing, recording, and playing shows, quietly building momentum as they go. If one were to look at the stage prior to an Arrow in the Sky show, one would expect to see at least 10 men appear before you. When three men arrive on the stage surrounded by banjos, mandolins, basses, accordions, tin whistles, harmonicas, saxophones, trumpets, keys, various percussives, and of course acoustic guitars, an air of expectancy can be felt. And when the music starts up and the voices rise in melodious harmony, the hush of the crowd lets one know that the arrow has hit its target.

Supporting Arrow in the Sky in The Stables will be special guests Herm - aka Ballinasloe man Kevin Connolly - and Neal Byrne.

For further information visit www.stableslive.com



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