The biggest challenges facing businesses today

The nature of my work gives me great opportunity to gain some insight to different types of businesses.

No two people are the same, and it is fair to say that no two business are the same either - they all bring their own unique qualities to how they operate.

However, one of the biggest challenges I see all businesses face is finding time on a regular basis to plan for the long term. A lot issues and challenges facing businesses result from them not taking sufficient time to create, implement, regularly review and optimise a long-term plan.

With the constant pressures to deliver instant results, short term goals tend to take precedence with most people. While this might feel like the right thing to do, failure to strategically plan for the future can end up destroying a business.

With the pressure for near instant results, I see a lot of business owners, managers and employees fall into the trap of focusing all their time on reacting to situations and issues they perceive to be important and urgent. Little time is given to focusing on the tasks that are important and planned.

The key is learning to focus on planned and important tasks, which in turn will reduce the number and frequency of these short term issues and thus the need to work reactively. I have found many reactive situations are caused by the lack of planning in the first place.

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